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Advanced Training

Advanced training for physicians is periodically organized in collaboration with different medical professional organizations and the patient´s organization “Deutsche Gesellschaft für Muskelkranke e.V.” (DGM), Freiburg. 
Additionally the members of the NPO support other kinds of training activities concerning mitochondrial disorders as speakers.

Medical members support the DGM in publishing information material; they also support mitochondrial patient groups.

Scientific Grants

The general meeting of the NPO decided to give financial support to research groups according to the following conditions:
The support is only supplementary to an already passed research application, which must be in accord with the aims of the NPO. Therefore the applicant has to deliver a copy of the original application form of the project, together with the positive answer of the sponsor. The executive board of mitoNET decides about the application on behalf of the general meeting. There is no legal title on getting support. Supported projects will be published in these pages.