Tasks of the Network

The tasks of the network are to have a share in improving health care for patients with mitochondrial disorders in a modular way.

The following tasks are currently on the way to be implemented:

  1. Buildup of a nationwide net of neurologic and paediatric departments for recruitment and phenotyping of patients, to document the resulting data in a web-based register, as to support the conduction of studies.
  2. Establish a comprehensive collection of biological materials and its storage. This will include DNA, RNA and myoblasts, providing aliquots to researchers inside and outside the network.
  3. Enhancing the range of diagnostic tools, including new assays to quantify mitochondrial proteins and dynamics, high-throughput genotyping, a systems approach and advanced brain imaging.
  4. Develop in vitro investigation tools for novel treatments.
  5. Improve the education of physicians and the collaboration between different special fields.
  6. Improve the transfer of results from the basic science to clinical research and clinical practice.
  7. Improve awareness for mitochondrial disorders in general public and in medicine.
  8. General support for patient groups as well as their participation in network activities, to take the interests of patients into account in the network projects.