To improve health care for patients with mitochondrial disorders it is necessary, to establish the collaboration of all medical and scientific institutions with specific expertise in the long run and to consider the lobby of patient groups. mitoNET serves as platform to organize it in the German-speaking part of Europe.

The patients affected by mitochondrial disorders mostly apply to neurologists or paediatricians as their disorders are often attended by neuromuscular symptoms. Human genetics, laboratory medicine, pathology especially neuropathology also play an important role for diagnosis of these disorders.
As mitochondrial disorders are caused by genetically induced biochemical defects of the cellular energy production, basic research in molecular genetics and biochemistry play an important role to elucidate the pathogenesis.
Therefore relevant expertise comes on one hand from neurology, paediatrics, human genetics, pathology and laboratory medicine, and on the other hand from study groups using molecular biological and biochemical methods for basic research.

The map shown in the right part of this side summarizes the network centers representing expertise in the above mentioned disciplines.

Network centers in Germany

Present distribution of network centers in Germany.

Paediatric centers in yellow,
neurological centers in orange and specialized diagnostic or basic research centers in pink.