A self-help group for people affected by mitochondrial disorders established during the last years, continuously working in close collaboration with Deutsche Gesellschaft für Muskelkranke (DGM)

As the most important topic the self-help group periodically organized specific regional and nation-wide meetings for people affected by mitochondrial disorders. A continuously growing amount of participants attended these meetings over the years. Thus the bigger part of mitochondrial patients in Germany could be reached the first time ever. It demonstrated the success of consistent disease specific support and led to an new disease specific organizational representation by establishing diagnose groups as additional level of the organizational structure within the DGM. The pioneer work was done by the Mito-Diagnose Group. The members of Mito-Team represent the contact of Mito-Diagnose Group.

Members of Mito-Team are spread all over Germany, meet periodically and have the following agenda:

  1. Support people suffering from mitochondrial disorders, their partners and families,
  2. Keep contact between people affected by the disease and the fields of medicine, science and politics at the national level
  3. Keep contact to other national and international self-help groups

For further details see: Report Mito-Team 2011